IT Services


  • ERP (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft)
  • Information Systems Planning
  • Internet / Intranet Solutions
  • Ecommerce
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Software Development, Implementation and Maintenance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Process Control and Simulation
  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Distributed Data Processing
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Object Oriented Systems.

Application Development

Byteware Inc offers a full range of services from an initial assessment of your application needs through the deployment of needed solutions. We develop applications both in mainframe and client/server areas using the latest methodologies and tools at customer site or offshore in India. Services offered include Application Assessment, Prototype Development, Implementation and Deployment.

We have worked with clients from many industries to build software applications that increase their efficiency. And we have resold this software to other companies. In all cases, our software is customized to fit the clients needs and includes training and support. The advantage to you is lower cost, quicker utilization and peace of mind. We understand that every customer’s need are unique in business software!

We have built software for diverse clients from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs. Our staff has strong experience in handling all major programming languages & technologies. We aim to provide the best offshore software development services that deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective software solutions. We emphasize meeting the unique business needs of our customers. With Inkorus as your Software Outsourcing partner you can reach your business goals much faster & with a better price-performance ratio.

Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they posses embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies.

Application Maintenance

Byteware Inc accepts complete responsibility for maintaining your systems, legacy applications and software products by correcting problems, implementing enhancements and adapting it to new technologies. The activity can be carried out onsite or offshore and our services can be tailored to your exact needs including how much application maintenance is outsourced.

Smart Maintenance

We help you accomplish short-term and long-term objectives by

  • Quick implementation of small change requests, when you need a new working version right away.
  • Analysis of the impact of change requests implementation.
  • Development of new software releases.
  • Building a strategy for software evolution.

Application Maintenance Services

  • Correction of the application’s defects and deficiencies discovered by end users.
  • Functionality extension – users tend to find new opportunities, beyond the functionality which was initially developed, like new reports, new computer dialogs, or completely new features.
  • Usability enhancement – changes to the application interface that make it more user-friendly.
  • Application optimization to increase software performance.
  • Porting and migration to new hardware and software platforms.

Maintenance of a Problem Code

We successfully help our customers to maintain and evaluate the software with the unstructured and non-documented code. Firstly, we analyze the application design and understand the code. This is a vital stage that helps avoid the inconsistencies of new features and extra costs. Then, if we conclude that new changes will positively affect the system’s performance and usability, we decide to proceed with their implementation; otherwise, we recommend to start with the application redesign.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • We produce the well-structured and thoroughly documented code that helps reduce future maintenance cost.
  • Our extensive experience in object-oriented programming and architecture design helps us reduce costs associated with components reuse and changes.
  • We help increase maintainability of the existing applications by improving software structure, updating documentation, and adding comments to the code.

Maintenance Procedures

  • Bugs and change requests tracking.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Application and database redesign.
  • Regression testing to ensure that new changes do not affect other software parts.
  • User guides development.


Byteware Inc improves our customers’ business performance through professional expertise by providing, knowledge and insight in the areas of strategic business planning, operational improvement and advanced IT solutions. We can show you how Our consulting services bring you the best practices, technologies and business models that help you adapt quickly in this changing environment, taking full advantage of new opportunities to revolutionize the way your business gets done while anticipating and responding to the challenges that exist in this new world.

Leveraging our experience with both established and emerging companies, our consulting services combine business process with technology to help prepare your business for the challenges of the future where you will realize the greatest immediate and long-term opportunities to maximize business performance.

Our portfolio of industry-focused solutions spans the full life cycle – from strategy consulting and business process design to technology services, systems integration, application development, and maintenance. Byteware Inc. offers state-of-the-art software engineering and system architecture. We promote and establish sound engineering principles in the production of quality systems. So, wherever you are on the road to success, we can help you leverage what you’ve done, and take you to the next level. And, with a wide heritage on the front-line of the latest technology innovations, we develop solutions that not only work today, but also are adaptable to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Byteware Inc. honors and software engineering standards to ensure our customer’s materials, products, processes and services are accurately managed. System reliability is our first concern. We are dedicated to the continual advancement of our software engineering best practices.

Information Management

Today’s competitive edge often depends on the ability to unlock the data and present it in a useful manner. Our services are designed to significantly improve customers’ businesses through the successful management of information systems projects. Services offered include Database Management, Business Consulting and Data Center Management.

What is the solution?

Partial solutions include Executive Information Systems (EIS), On-line and CD-ROM data-bases, alerting services. A more encompassing solution is to adopt the principles of Information Resources Management (IRM) (not to be confused with an information management or information systems). Whereas the value (often declining!) of tangible assets, such as property and office equipment, is regularly assessed and audited, similar processes are lacking for intangible assets, such as information and knowledge, whose asset value is increasing in many organizations. Information Management is an emerging discipline that helps managers assess and exploit their information assets for business development. It draws on the techniques of information science (libraries) and information systems (IT related). It an important foundation for knowledge management, in that deals systematically with explicit knowledge. Knowledge centers often play an important part in introducing IRM into an organization.

The five key activities for their effective information management

  1. Identification What information is there? How is it identified and coded?
  2. Ownership Who is responsible for different information entities and co-ordination?
  3. Cost and Value A basic model for making judgments on purchase and use.
  4. Development Increasing its value or stimulating demand.
  5. Exploitation Proactive maximisation of value for money.

Online Services

We provide solutions to business problems facing the clients’ IT organizations through the integration of technology.

Implementation and Product Development Services

Byteware Inc. provides project services for clients implementing an eBrokerage solution in-house and for clients implementing an outsourced solution. Project services include project management, training, system implementation, custom interfaces, data conversion, integrated testing, custom software, localization, and version upgrade services. Project services are delivered by trained, financial service industry professionals.

Maintenance and support services

The services organization is responsible for help desk, research, systems operations and application quality assurance. A response team made up of research, quality assurance and programming personnel is assigned when maintenance issues are identified. This team works together to ensure that the customer issue is understood and dispatched accordingly. All issues are tracked and measured, and daily and weekly reports are generated for management review and action. Each client is assigned an account manager. Account managers may be located around the globe and will work in conjunction with the services organization in New Jersey. The account management people are responsible for issue resolution.

Global data service

As part of its consulting practice, Byteware Inc. provides extensive advise on market data services including real-time, delayed and historical securities data, futures, mutual funds, options, corporate financials, interest rates, bond data, earnings calls and global business news. This is critical for any financial services company employing an online strategy. Separately our data definition practice specializes in data audit and building and cleansing of data to provide consistency across databases.


Byteware Inc. offers a dedicated development center model to our clients in which a software development team that is dedicated to a single client uses technology, tools, processes and methodologies unique to that client. Each dedicated development center is located at an Byteware Inc. facility in India and is staffed and managed by the Company.


We are committed to helping protect your business. We can look at your organization from top to bottom, or concentrate on a specific security area of concern to you. We have the technology and service expertise to help protect the information for your business. We do more than minize the risks of threat to your business. We protect your business. Software Security Solutions is a single source provider of computer and Internet security software.

Internet security

Our Internet security products are tested and proven to be leaders in each security category. Our Security Software categories include Anti Virus, Spyware Removal, Firewall, Internet Security, Pop Up Blocker, Spam Blocker, Backup, Internet Filtering, and Encryption Software.

These categories provide the security tools needed for complete computer protection. Anti Virus software alone is no longer enough.

Network security software

For the best layered security tools, you can trust Software Security Solutions

Technology Areas

We provide solutions to business problems facing the clients’ IT organizations through the integration of technology:

Programming tools

COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Motif, X-Windows, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Smalltalk, Oracle, Sybase, AS 400 and SAP.

Emerging technologies

Mainframe, VB.Net, ASP.Net, C#.Net, J2EE, Java, PHP, HTML, Perl, CGI and ActiveX.

Hardware environments

IBM, DEC, HP, Sun, Intel, RISC and DSP.

Operating systems

Linux, UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, OS/2 and VMS.


Novell, SNA and TCP/IP.